Use Case


Get ready for the transformative machine to machine revolution provided by 5G.

5G is a massive technology leap for mobile and wireless technologies.

High broadband speed up to 5 Gbps and lower latency with new management capabilities such as network slicing result in new use cases with always-on and hyper connectivity for people and Internet of Things.

The perspectives of transformation in daily life are huge whether we think about smart home, smart cities, e-health, transportation or agriculture.

However, faster, always-on and pervasive connectivity imply new cyberrisks. As the last walled gardens disappear, threats and attack surfaces grow at an exponential rate. Perimetric security becomes notably unsufficient. Enterprise, institutions and organisations have to rely on software with real built-in security, as the imperative pre-requisite before deployment.  Moabi measures and improves the security posture of this new wave of software.

At the same time, telecom operators or digital service providers have to integrate, deploy and operate new OSS and BSS platforms to deliver on the 5G promise. As these systems are the new engines of 5G, they have to be evaluated thoroughly to guarantee the relevant level of cybersecurity. Moabi helps these telcos to qualify their solution and equipement providers with tangible and consistent security criteria.