Analytics Report Level 1 (A1)

The first level of analytics reporting (A1) provides an executive summary of all the metrics computed during the static analysis of binaries.

This report features the application’s Defense Surface, comprised of the 5 Moabi security analytics:

  • Legacy : Assessment of the technical debt relative to the toolchain and architecture.
  • Compliance : Assess adherence to industry standards and best practices. The higher the rating, the more compliant and future-proof your application will be.
  • Hardening: Measure how applications implement defense in depth mechanisms to deter generic attack vectors.
  • Cryptography: Measure and quantify the strenght of cryptographic ciphers, automatically detect ciphers in use within your applications.
  • Vulnerabilities: Detection of known (CVEs) and unknown (0days) classes of vulnerabilities using Moabi’s exclusive symbolic execution engine.