Moabi SaaS Platform


Software is everywhere : from Cloud, Edge Computing and IOT to Industry Operations, Software Defined Networks and upcoming 5G technologies.

Is your software security-ready ? Is your software supply chain monitored and controlled to continuously improve your organization’s security posture ?

Moabi helps your organization analyze, measure and improve your Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) to help you succeed in your digital transformation.

Moabi helps increase security coverage in respect to all types of software. Being it internal or external development, either from Independent Software Vendors or Open Source.


Measure software across five analytics:
Legacy, Cryptography, Compliance, Hardening, Vulnerabilities.

Get automated reports:
Analysis reports, Remediation reports.


Fast analyze thousands of binaries per day.
Easy analyze entire Operating Systems, cloud images or IoT firmware.
Scalable Artificial Intelligence built in the cloud.
Uniform covers IoT, mobile and Enterprise software and standards.
No source code analyze third party programs.


Predictable cost predictable subsciption based model.
On demand pay for services actually used.
Compliant continuous learning of new standards and technologies.
Third party obtain ratings on third party software.
Cost control anticipate software maintenance costs.