Moabi offers a SaaS platform for binary auditing and security analytics for SSDLC enforcement. With presence in Europe and the US, our teams aim at assisting you succeed and continuously improve in  your digital transformation. What gets measured gets improved !

By leveraging homogeneous analytics accross artchitectures and technologies, finally be in situation to measure the RoI of your security initiatives and focus technical teams on what they do best by automating repetitive tasks and processes.

New cybersecurity landscapes require a radical new approach ! Thanks to Moabi, address the #1 problem preventing you from making the most of the IoT and 4th industrial revolutions : assess SSDLCs accross verticals, perform due diligence on providers, benchmark prototype solutions and improve security posture of complex services… even when no source code is readily available. 

Security has held back many companies from spearheading innovation. We believe in security as an enabler of change management and an opportunity to rationalize investments for the C-suite. Embrace the future : request a free of charge 30 days trial of Moabi today ! 

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US Office:
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